Attention Grabbers by Shuna Patterson

Teacher: 1, 2, 3, eyes on me
Students: 1, 2, eyes on you

Teacher: Ready set
Students: You bet

Teacher: ring, ring
Students: Hello?

Teacher: Banana
Students: split

Clapping patterns

“if you can hear me, clap once, ” “if you can hear me, clap twice,” etc…
“if you can hear me, touch your nose…”

Finding Nemo Attention Getter
Anyone remember the scene in Finding Nemo when Nemo gets initiated into the order of the fish tank?? This one came from a fourth grade teacher. #1 When students are talking too much I quietly say, “shark bait…” Those that hear me reply: “Brew ha-ha!” and we repeat this as many times as it takes for the rest of the class to get in on the cheer. End it by getting quieter and quieter until they aren’t talking at all.

Give Me 5
Something that I use in my classroom is “give me 5.” All I have to do is hold up one of my hands with palm facing out like a stop sign. The fingers represent…
  1. Stop talking
  2. Back against the chair
  3. Feet on the floor
  4. Hands in lap/on desk
  5. Eyes on the teacher

Hold up a peace sign with your fingers, and one finger over your mouth to stand for "peace and quiet"